Zana Documents





Title of the Association:

  1. The name of the Association shall be known as the Zanzibar Nurses’ Association and shall, in short, be known as “ZANA”.
  2. (1) In this constitution unless where the context requires otherwise:

       “ACT” means the Nurses and Midwives’ Act, No 9 of 1986 and as may be amended from time to time;

       “Association” means the Zanzibar Nurses’ Association as established by the Constitution;

       “Midwife” means register midwife as defined under the Act;

       “Minister” means a minister for the time being responsible for health services;

       “Nurse” means registered nurse as defined under the Act;

       “Prescribe fee” means a fee determined by the association general Conference and payable to the Association before a nurse is admitted as a member of the association;

       “Primary Health Care” includes a clinic, dispensary, or any other establishment intended to cater to health services within an area or locality;

       (2) Words importing a masculine gender include females and words importing the feminine gender include males;

       (3) Words in the singular shall include the plural and words in the plural shall include the singular.


  1. The Association may, at its General Conference establish an emblem, seal or other insignia of the purposes of all Correspondence is:-

Headquarter of the Association:

  1. The headquarter of the Association shall be in Zanzibar and Association its postal address shall, for the purposes of all correspondence is:-

   Zanzibar Nurses’ Association (ZANA)

                                       P.O Box 2325

                                      Zanzibar, Tanzania

                                         Tel: 2234785

                                 Fax + 255 – 242234785



  1. The association believes that:
  1. All nurses are equal.
  2. A nurse is a link between the patient and other health professionals.
  3. Every sick is entitled to receive fair attention from a nurse.
  4. The association is the only way to safeguard the interest and promote the progress of a nurse so that he could provide care to the patient more effectively and efficiently.


  1. The objectives for which the association is established are:-
  1. To establish friendly relations between the Association and other nursing societies of Africa and the world at large.
  2. To keep the nurses of Zanzibar well informed of new developments in the field of nursing and other health techniques.
  3. To assist in planning for, control of, and coordination in all nursing services for reliable services in both curative and preventive fields.
  4. To co-operate with other associations or organs in Zanzibar and Tanzania in general which are dedicated to the promotion of health to the public.
  5. To foster and develop the nursing field.
  6. To encourage more people to join the nursing field.
  7. To be at the forefront to ensure health for all, irrespective of their sex, religion, political status, or race.
  8. To facilitate the public and the community at large on health promotion, prevention, and rehabilitation.
  9. To represent Zanzibar nurses in national, regional, and international forums.
  10. To advise the minister, through appropriate channels on matters relating to nurses and the nursing profession.
  11. To advise the Minister through appropriate channels on sound nursing services for the public.
  12. To ensure and protect the right of nurses and that every nurse receives a just return for his services.
  13. To maintain and uphold the dignity of nurses by fully complying with the nurses’ code of conduct and other provisions of any law or enactment which relates to nursing.
  14. To do any other thing which the association shall deem fit for the betterment of nurses and for health and well being of Zanzibar people and the people of the world at large.






  1. A person who is a registered nurse under the Act may be eligible to be a member of the Association.

Conditions for membership:

  1. No person shall be admitted into, or remain in the Association unless
  1. He pays a prescribed fee.
  2. He is of a good character
  3. He respects the nursing profession and
  4. He adheres to the nursing ethic and nurse’s code of conduct.

Application for membership:          

  1. (1) A person who is to become a member of the Association shall fill up a prescribed form and submit it to the Secretary-General.

         (2) For the purpose of this clause, Secretary-General shall include the deputy secretary-general or any other person who discharges the functions of the Secretary-General.
         (3) Every application for membership shall be supported by two referees who are themselves members of the Association.
         (4) The Associations’ Executive Committee may approve or reject any applicant for membership, but a person whose application has been rejected may reapply after six months period.

Member’s rights:         

  1. Every member of the association shall:-
  1. Take part in all activities of the Association.
  2. Be entitled to attend meetings in accordance with the provision of his Constitution.
  3. Express his views either in writing or verbal in any committee of the association in accordance with the laid down procedure.
  4. Vote for, or be elected as a member of any committee or organ of the Association in accordance with the laid down procedure.
  5. Be present at any case against him and to give evidence in his own defense
  6. Defend himself and appeal against any judgment passed against him by the Association

Duties of a member:   

  1. It shall be the duty of every member:-                           
  1. to understand the association’s objective and creed,
  2. to serve his country and its people and provide health services to the public whenever is possible.
  3. To remain loyal and trustworthy to nursing ethics and to discharge his duties effectively and efficiently.
  4. To endeavor constantly to acquire more education on nursing principles and other general knowledge and put the education sp acquired at the services of his country, the sick, and the community at large.
  5. To exercise self-criticism and to accept to be criticized in order to further and enhance the nursing profession, ethics, and objectives.
  6. To pay membership dues and other subscriptions promptly.
  7. To attend all meetings of the Association which he is entitled to or required to attend.

Cessation of membership:

  1. A person shall cease to be a member of the Association:-                     
  1. if he resigns, or
  2. if he is dismissed or terminated in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, or
  3. if he is canceled from the register of the registered nurse and midwives in accordance with the provision of the Act, or
  4. if he fails to fulfill the membership conditions.






 Leader of the Association:       

  1. There shall be the following leaders of the Association who shall be elected in accordance with the provision of this Constitution   
  1. Chairperson
  2. Secretary-general
  3. Treasurer
  4. Publicity secretary.
  5. Development officer
  6. District leader from each of the ten district committees

Election of leaders:

  1. (1) All leaders of the Association shall be elected for a three years period at the Association’s  General   Conference and may be eligible for re-election.

         (2) A district leader of the Association shall be elected from each of the following Districts:-

  1. Urban district
  2. West districts (A & B)
  3. North A district
  4. North B district
  5. Central district
  6. South district
  7. Micheweni district
  8. Wete district
  9. Chake district
  10. Mkoani district       

The function of chairperson:   

  1. a. Shall be the leader and chief spokesman of the   Association
  1. Shall preside at all meetings of the Associations
  2. Shall have a casting vote in addition to his deliberate vote
  3. Shall ensure that the Associations directives and policies are implemented efficiently and effectively and in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.
  4. In the absence of the Chairman, one member from the executive committee will take responsibility.

 The function of Secretary-General:

  1. (1) The functions of the Secretary-General shall be:-
  1. to direct and manage the conduct of affairs of  the  Headquarters of the association 
  2. To direct and supervise the execution of the   business of the association
  3. To keep the register of the names of members according to their working place and districts.
  4. To make preparations for the meeting of the Association’s General Conference and the association’s Executive Committee.

         (2) The Deputy Secretary-General shall assist the Secretary-General in all his duties and functions in Pemba, and shall discharge other responsibilities given to him by the Secretary-General.

Development officer:  

  1. (1) The duties and functions of the development officer shall be:-
  1. To organize various development programs for the association in accordance with the constitution and directives of the executive committee
  2. To supervise and implement the Association’s programs.
  3. To do any other thing directed by the Association’s General Conference or by the Association’s Executive Committee.

Publicity Secretary:    

  1. (1) The duties and functions of the publicity secretary shall be:-
  1. To give publicity to the programs of the Association
  2. To carry out the programs and principles of the Association in accordance with this Constitution, regulations, policies, and decisions of the Association.
  3. To make an official announcement concerning the aim, programs, policies, and duties of the association,
  4. To do any other thing directed by the Association’s General conference or by the Association’s Executive Committee.


  1. (1) The fund of the Associations shall be maintained by the Treasure through the people Bank of Zanzibar

         (2) The treasurer shall keep a record of all Monies received and expenditure incurred by the Association.

         (3) The Treasurer shall make a quarterly statement of accounts and submit it before the Association’s Executive Committee re auditors.


  1. (1) There shall be a Board of Trustees of the Association which shall be appointed by the Associations general conference.

         (2) The board shall consist of seven members who shall be appointed as follows:-

  1. One member from amongst professional lawyers,
  2. One member from amongst health professionals.
  3. Three members from amongst members of the association and
  4. Two members from amongst members of the public other than those under sub-clauses (a), (b), (c) of this clause.

The chairman of the Trustee Board shall be elected from the above members.

         (3) The Board shall not be disqualified for the transaction of its business by reason of any vacancy among the member thereof including any vacancy not filled when the Board is meeting.

         (4) The Board shall have and exercise all powers which are in law conferred on trustees.

         (5) All the properties of the Association whether movable or immovable shall be vested in the Board of Trustees.

         (6) The Board shall also act as an advisory body to the association’s executive committee.

         (7) A member of the Board shall hold office for a three years period and may be eligible for reappointment.


  1. Unless otherwise stated in any of the provisions of this constitution or Regulation made by the Association, the quorum of all meetings of the association shall be more than half of the members entitled to attend at that meetings.


  1. (1) Unless otherwise stated in any provision of this Constitution or Regulations of the Association, any decision at any meeting shall be by consensus or by the majority of the votes of members present and voting.

         (2) Where there is an election of a leader of the Association, voting shall be by a secret ballot.


  1. (a) The association shall have its own seal or stamp as may be approved by the executive committee. Such emblem shall be altered at any time when the executive committee deems appropriate.


  1. (b) If the association is dissolved by a decision of not less than two-third majority of the general conference or for any reason cease its operation, all the properties of the association, after settling liability, if any, shall be transferred to healthy related association with objectives similar to those of the nurses association.


  1. (a) This constitution may be amended or repealed and replaced by a decision of the two-third majority of the association’s general conference.

Other organs of the Association :                          

  1. (1) The Association’s General Conference may if it Of the Association thinks fit, establish any other organ of the

         (2) Any organs so established shall be composed of ahead of that organ and other members not exceeding six all of whom shall be appointed by the Executive Committee

         (3) The powers and functions of the organs so established shall be as specified by the Executive Committee.


  1. (1) The association’s General Conference may make regulations for the better carrying out of the functions and objectives of the Association.

         (2) Notwithstanding the provision of sub-clause (1), the associations general Conference may make Regulation:-

  1. For the proper use of funds of the association,
  2. For keeping the limits for which the treasurer or deputy treasurer may spend for the Association’s business without the authority of a chairman, deputy chairman, secretary-general, Pr. Deputy Secretary-general.
  3. For the proper administration of any organ formed by the Association,
  4. For the guidance of a leader of the Association,
  5. For the determination of a prescribed fee and as prescribed form and
  6. For any other purpose in relation to nurses or nursing professions which the association may deem it necessary.


  1. (1) This Constitution shall be deemed to have come into operation retrospectively on the 20th day of February in the year of Our Lord, 1992.

         (2) Any regulations made shall come into force on a date to be specified in the Regulations.