ZANA has a four projects currently implemented 

FCS, Family planning outreach, EngendeHealth and PPFP Advocacy Family planning 


The Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey (TDHS) 2015 have shown some improvement in contraceptive prevalence rate in Zanzibar rising from 12% to 14% between 2010 and 2015. Low performing regions of Unguja North and Pemba North have also succeeded in increasing the family planning uptake. The two regions have doubled their CPR to 14% over the past five years. A lot more has to be done given the fact that contraceptive use is still generally low the effect of which is partly high maternal and newborn mortality. The unmet need for family planning in Zanzibar is 34.7%.

The Zanzibar Nurses Association (ZANA) over the past six years has been coordinating a coalition of family planning (FP) partners [1](ZANGOC, ANGOZA, UNFPA-YAP, UMATI, ZANA, & ZAC). This to promote availability and utilization of family planning services towards reducing maternal and child deaths in Zanzibar

In 2021 ZANA will continue to engage leaders and family planning stakeholders at the national and district levels with a view to strengthening access to family planning services through the improvement of processes and functionalities of various key bodies, as well as attention to emerging advocacy opportunities. Currently, Zanzibar is developing Family Planning for meet together with local government (LGAs) and Implementation Plan on (2021-2022) that increase availability of post partum family planning services in the health facilities and improving FP utilization. This will also involve promoting choice, equity, quality and availability of FP commodities.  Development of FP CIP and its eventual launch also calls for intensified advocacy on increased funding. With respect to family planning, Zanzibar has over the years been totally supported by donors. The Ministry of Health’s allocation to family planning has not exceeded 15 million shillings per year and the budget is within the MCH budget that places a lot of emphasis on maternal and child health.

 Program Activities

The Zana and FP coalition has over the past six years addressed issues around availability and uptake of FP commodities and services in the selected sites, low FP services utilization, strengthening Family planning outreach services, and life-saving commodities.  Other areas that the coalition focused on included the availability of skilled manpower and resources for FP commodities. Along those initiatives specifically coalition targeted to achieve the of the LGAs funds to allocate services and increase number of FP users in communities also PPFP  advocacy  working under the following activities:

  • Meet with ZANA-coordinated NGO coalition on FP/RH to share data on FP and develop smart asks
  • Engage a consultant to package data/information on FP funding and develop advocacy materials
  • Meet with stakeholders partners LGAs and IRCH to share commitment on increased FP budget
  • Meeting with IRCH program and to dessaminate guideline of PPFP in Zanzibar.
  • Develop policy briefs and one-page fact sheet to share with policymakers
  • Lobbying meeting with key messengers in the Ministry of Health, Zanzibar
  • Engage a few members (champions) of the Zanzibar House of Representatives to dialogue on FP budget


The Implementation on PPFP guideline it’s all ready and printed process 

  • Some management and district health management teams commit to improving commodities of the health facilities
  • District Management Teams incorporate IRH activities in their plans
  • Four districts in Unguja North and Pemba North have developed plans to enhance community health workers (CHWs) skills in long-acting methods and have committed to injecting resources in this financial year.