A person, who is a registered nurse under the Act, may be eligible to a member of Association.


No person shall be admitted into, or remain in the Association unless

  • He pays a prescribed fee.
  • He is of a good character
  • He respects the nursing profession and
  • He adheres to the nursing ethic and nurse’ code of conduct.


Every member of the association shall:-

  • Take part in all activities of the Association.
  • Be entitled to attend meetings in accordance with the provision of his Constitution.
  • Express his views either in writing or verbal in any committee of the association in accordance with the laid down procedure.
  • Vote for, or be elected as a member of any committee or organ of the Association in accordance with the laid down procedure.
  • Be present at any case against him and to give evidence in his own defense
  • Defend himself and appeal against any judgment passed against him by the Association


It shall be duty of every member:-

  • To understand the association’s objective and creed,
  • To serve his country and its people and provide health services to the public whenever is possible.
  • To remain loyal and trust worthy to the nursing ethics and to discharge his duties effectively and efficiently.
  • To endeavor constantly to acquire more education on nursing principles and other general knowledge and put the education sp acquired at the services of his country, the sick and the community at large.
  • To exercise self-criticism and to accept to be criticized in order to further and enhance the nursing profession, ethics and objectives.
  • To pay membership dues and other subscriptions promptly.
  • To attend all meetings of the Association which he is entitled or required to attend.



A person shall cease to be a member of the Association:-

  • if he resigns, or
  • if he is dismissed or terminated in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, or
  • if he is cancelled from the register of the registered nurse and midwives in accordance with the provision of the Act, or
  • if he fails to fulfill the membership conditions.


APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP                      

  • A person who is to become a member of the for
  • Association shall fill up a prescribed form and submit it to the secretary General.
  • For the purpose of this clause, Secretary General shall include deputy secretary general or any other
  • Person who discharges the functions of secretary General.
  • Every application for membership shall be supported by two referees who are themselves member
  • of the Association.
  • The Associations’ Executive Committee may approve or reject any applicant for membership, but a person whose application has been rejected may reapply after six months period.