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Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is part of the United Republic of Tanzania located at some 25 to 50 kilometers from the Tanzanian mainland coast. Zanzibar consists of two large islands: Unguja which is the southern island and the main center for governance and commerce, Unguja occupies a total of 1.666 km². The second Island is Pemba located in the Northern part of and it covers a total of 988 km². However, there are numerous small Islands covering an area of 2.643 km. The capital of Zanzibar, located in Unguja town which contains a historic center known as Stone Town.

According to the population census of 2012, the Zanzibar population is now amounting to 1,303,568 million people, with the majority of people living in rural areas. The population growth rate is estimated at 2.8% and a crude birth rate (CBR) for Zanzibar stands at 36. percent births per 1,000 people. However, the total fertility rate is estimated at 5.1 children per woman. Life expectancy is 60 years in 2012 and HIV prevalence is 1%.

The Zanzibar Nurses Association (ZANA) is a nongovernmental organization registered in Zanzibar since 1992 with the aim to improve the professional standard of nursing care and services that promote the well being of the community particularly women and children. at an early stage, ZANA required to improve nurses but extend their role toward proving better services to the communities especially rural ones relating to sexual reproductive health and home-based care to people living with AIDS. Currently, ZANA has  500 members across all 10 Districts of Zanzibar which can facilitate batter implementation for the program.

 Name:  Zanzibar Nurses Association (ZANA)
 Legal Status: Society Act No 1995 with registration No. C.16
 Type of NGO: Register Non-Governmental Organizations- NGOs.
 Physical address: P.O.Box 1394, Magomeni Kwa Thabiti Kombo Zanzibar 

Tel/Fax: 024-2234785,

Contact person: Muhidin Ussi Haji General. Secretary

Tel: +255773916974

Email muhiharith@gmail.com,

Rukia Rajab Bakar Chairperson

Tel: +255 777457234

E-mail: zanaju2001@yahoo.com

 Purpose: To support professional Nurses and Midwives to improve Nursing and midwifery professionalism and improve community health.

General Meeting: The overall decision-making body is during the annual meeting (two members represent from each District include 15 executive committees.

Board of Trustees: (7 members) which is appointed by the General Annual Meeting after proposed by advisable by the Steering committee.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee which are  15 members who oversee the day to day activities of the organization. The Executive Committee is elected during general meetings every three years which comprised Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer, Development officer, Publicity officer, and one leader represent each District with a variety of skills in Nursing and midwifery professional backgrounds.


Zana Organization Structure:



To be an efficient and effective professional association for quality health services, pertaining to standard nursing practice and timely response to nurses and community health issues”.


To provide competitive client-oriented health services to all persons through efficient and effective nursing services with the comprehensive health management system and consultancy thus optimizing stakeholders’ response and increase association share in health matters.

General Objective

To develop, advocate, promote the nursing profession to foster a high standard of nursing practice, nursing education, and research for the betterment of nurses and the community

Specific objectives.

  1. Fight for and protect the rights of nurses,
  2. Network with national and international nurses’.
  3. Lobby for the development of nursing and midwifery  fields and provision of quality nursing and midwifery services,
  4. Keep the nurses of Zanzibar well informed of new development in the field of nursing and other health techniques.
  5. Encourage Zanzibar youth to join the nursing field,
  6. Collaborate with associations or organs dedicated to health promotion
  7. Represent the interest of Zanzibar nurses in national and international conferences.
  8. Facilitate the public and the community at large on health promotion.
  9. Establish friendly relations between the Association and other nursing societies of Africa and the world at large.
  10.  Ensure and protect the rights of nurses and that every nurse receives a just return for his/her services.
  11.  Be at the forefront to ensure health for all, irrespective of their sex, religion, political status, or race.
  12. To assist in planning for, control of, and coordination in all nursing services for reliable services in both curative and preventive fields.
  1. To do any other thing which the association shall deem fit for the betterment of nurses and for health and well being of Zanzibar people and the people of the world at large.

Activities of the Association:

  • Awareness-raising in all Health aspect,
  • Training of Nurses and community in general,
  • Carrying out survey research on health and health-related issues,
  • Provision of support to the Zanzibar Nurses & Midwives Council in the development of curricula and guidelines for nurses.
  • Provision of technical support to NGOs on health and health-related matters,
  • Networking with local and international NGOs.
  • Sexual Reproductive Health.
  • Provision of family planning (SDM) Standard Day Method.
  • Home base care and support
  • Malaria prevention
  • HIV/AIDS and STD education and management.
  • Screening of Cervical and Breast Cancer.


  1. Known nationally and internationally
  2. Increased number of members to 500 in all districts of Zanzibar.
  3. ZANA own office Unguja and Pemba
  4. Increased number of beneficiaries through member NGOs
  5. Increased number of activities by conducting Home base care, counseling, and support.


  1. Inadequate resources available (Money, working facilities, staff, etc.)
  2. Insufficient knowledge of members to mobilize resource, internal and external
  3. Improper monitoring and follow-up of activities.
  4. Low Commitment of some members.
  5. Participate in Regional and international  Nurses forum

Primary stakeholders:

  • Nurses and Midwives of Zanzibar.
  • Patients
  • Communities

Secondary stakeholders:

  • ZAC
  • International NGOs
  • Local Government
  • Religious institutions
  • Donors
  • Government  Ministries

ZANA request any kind of support to implement different types of activities include sexual reproductive Health, support people living with HIV and orphans, Send your contribution through People Bank of Zanzibar local Account no.  021208000418 or  Foreign Account no. 022108000029  or contact person below.

Contact Persons:

Rukia Rajab Bakar– Chairperson

Box 2325 Zanzibar Tanzania

Tel no +255 777457234


Muhidin Ussi Haji –  General Secretary

Tel no  +255 773916974

 Email:muhiharith@gmail com